Mindfulness. It’s certainly a word being handed around a lot lately. So what does it mean?

I’m beginning a 8 week practice to see if I can find out. My doctor recommended a training session, which I went to last night. We actually did a 20 minute meditation session as part of the beginning training. And now, in usual fashion, I’ve bought a book so that I can read all about it. And downloaded an app to my iPhone.

I do need a way to be more present in my life, more aware of what is actually going on around me, and less distracted and occupied with the many worries that surround me at the time.

My image from last night – is the beautiful blue sky with a cardinal flying across it. More about that later.

Crafting by the fireplace

Taking advantage of the cold weather (there’s lots of it and snow) and a plentiful supply of firewood (thanks to two hurricanes and a freak October snowstorm in the last 2 years), I’m enjoying some relaxing crafting time by the fireplace.

In line with my word of 2014, possibilities, I realize that you cannot just keep starting things but have to finish a few too.  So, here’s my first needlepoint sampler from a class at A Stitch in Time a few years ago.  The light blue, partly finished in this picture is the last round.  Then I will dig out the DVDs with the instructions on finishing projects and give this one a whirl.  I think it will be a small pillow for the bedroom, which is decorated in yellows and blues!

Needlepoint Sampler
Needlepoint Sampler