Good-bye Daddy

We laid my father to rest today.  What an unusual way to say goodbye to someone.  His funeral was nice, if they can be called nice, and many of his old neighbors and friends and hunting buddies and their wives were there.  It was a beautiful, sunny Tuesday — and Dad would have liked the day — he didn’t like bad weather much any more these last few years.

My Daddy took his last breath on this earth almost a week ago — on Wednesday morning, September 2nd at Arbor Springs in West Des Moines, Iowa.   I was with him and was the only one there (no big surprise, my sister just couldn’t handle this).  I am sure that he could hear me and see me right up until he looked right at me and sort of just sighed his last breath and was gone.  It is so unusual to have someone right there with you one second, and in the next second they are gone to some other place.

Good-bye Daddy — I loved you — I love you still.  You and Mom made me what I am today — a totally honest, loving person.  The responsibility you have left me is a big one, but from our conversations about this, I know you were confident that I could handle it and all the associated issues.   Thank you for your confidence and thank you for all the years of your love.