First fish feeding of Spring 2010

They’ve been at the bottom of the pond for months and only just recently, with warmer weather, out of the cave and feeding on algae near the top and sides of the pond.  My BFFs (Best Fish Friends) have survived the winter and are looking fine.  They do have a lot of algae to eat, but hubby thought it would be fun to see if they remembered what the feeding rock (the place I come to when I feed them) was for.  So, I got some of the lo-temp fish food and went out to the pond and, sure enough, they remembered.  There were lots of sucking noises as they came up and tried to be enthused about this very boring fish food.  My hands and fingers also got lots of “fish kisses”.

First feeding of 2010
First feeding of 2010

And another year by the pond begins today, with the first fish feeding of 2010 on the first day of Spring!

Knitting weather and a trip on the Martha’s Vineyard ferry

We took a mini-vacation to Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend and I took some knitting along.  We took the car onto the ferry from Woods Hole to Vineyard Haven.  It was storming fiercely and the waves were tossing the boat about.  But I took my knitting upstairs to the passenger area and did some knitting, just so I could say that I did.  You couldn’t see anything anyway.  It was 2:30 in the afternoon, but the gray, rainy sky was absolutely indistinguishable from the gray tossing sea.  I made great progress on my poncho while we were away, mostly due to the fact that the weather was so bad.


The last day and  a half that we were there, the storm finally passed and gray skies became blue again.  What a difference a day makes.