Firewood from old driveway oak

Work continues on the cleanup from the end-of-October show storm.  The latest effort was borrowing the neighbor’s log splitter (and the neighbor, who claimed he was having fun!).  This truckload is far less than half of what was split from the fallen oak and the giant trunk is still standing.  By my estimates, the remaining trunk is over 15 feet tall and I cannot reach around it.  By hubby’s estimates there’s over a ton of wood left in the standing trunk.  Perhaps you cannot tell from the photo, but this was a huge, once beautiful red oak.  I counted rings on one of the upper “branches” (that being a relative term since I couldn’t reach around it either) and found the branch over 60 years old. Neighbor thinks the tree was probably 100 years old.  When the trunk is cut, I’ll count the rings there too.  And my guess is the arborist will also be interested in dating the tree.

Got firewood?  Yes, but for next year, and the year after, and . . . . . . . .