Hello. It’s me again

I did read that, during the Coronavirus pandemic, people were turning back to writing and blogging to document their feelings and fears. Apparently, blogging has not captured my intention for over a year now, and sporadically prior to that. So, new year’s resolutions abound in my mind. Not New Years Day, you say? Well, according to the calendar, you are correct dear blog. But in my mind, this is a time of new beginnings and I have never been one for resolutions of change around January 1st anyway. Usually I reserve them for nearer my birthday.

But on this, the first full day of Summer in 2020, I am looking at the recent and not so recent past and am going to write about it. I don’t enjoy re-reading this blog without photos, so tomorrow at the table on the patio, I will hook up my phone and see about adding some photos to this here post! In the mean time, a good night’s sleep is on the agenda for the immediate future.


Mindfulness. It’s certainly a word being handed around a lot lately. So what does it mean?

I’m beginning a 8 week practice to see if I can find out. My doctor recommended a training session, which I went to last night. We actually did a 20 minute meditation session as part of the beginning training. And now, in usual fashion, I’ve bought a book so that I can read all about it. And downloaded an app to my iPhone.

I do need a way to be more present in my life, more aware of what is actually going on around me, and less distracted and occupied with the many worries that surround me at the time.

My image from last night – is the beautiful blue sky with a cardinal flying across it. More about that later.