Music in May

A quick trip back to CT and what a nice break it was.  The reason for the trip was to play in the Fountain Series Handbell Concert on Friday May 1st.  Long rehearsals for two nights prior to the concert helped brush the cobwebs out of my brain as I hadn’t been at a rehearsal for six weeks.  And what beautiful music we made.  Usually there is at least one piece that doesn’t go as well as the choir and/or director would have liked.  But all went so well, it was amazing.  The piece that I directed also went well — a slow, smooth song.  The choir’s “signature” piece which ends the concert is the Lord’s Prayer.  It was so beautiful that I almost started crying at the end.  So — all in all — a quick trip — a much needed break — a wonderful concert — and I’m back in Nebraska again.

Photo to come of shiny handbells — it’s on hubby’s camera and I forgot to load it to my laptop.

April Appearance

I’ll be returning to Connecticut for a brief appearance this coming week in April.  I’m playing in a handbell concert on Friday night and even directing one of the performance pieces.  Should be fun, but there are two long rehearsals to get thru before Friday night.

It has been a really trying time here in Nebraska and Iowa but I think we’ve found an alzheimer’s care center for Dad.  If the application process goes well, we may have him  moved in within two weeks or so.  I’m sure the relocation will be tough and I’m not looking forward to it.  But I am looking forward to being on the far side of the event looking back and seeing him safely settled and working on getting adjusted to his new place to live.

I’ve been in the Des Moines Iowa area all weekend and it has been a really miserable one — almost constant rain and one thunderstorm after another.  Every time you are tempted to observe that things have quieted down, lightning starts up again, thunder rumbles, and rain pours out of the sky.  There were tornadoes in the state today and yesterday we had hail here.    What an adventure this has all been — and it’s not all over yet either.

Happy Easter!

We were up before 6 am to get dressed and ready for the handbell rehearsal at 7 am.  The music we played was beautiful and everyone played well, including all the last-minute substitutes that we had due to various emergencies amongst handbell choir members.  The service even ended early enough for us to pack away our bells and hurry off to the 9 am church service at our church.  The music there was beautiful too, the sermon was wonderfully inspiring, and the sun shining in the big windows on our pew, while quite warm, was wonderfully comforting at the same time.

The sweet potatoes are in the oven and it is time for the ham to join them as hubby and I will be eating our Easter dinner in a bit.

Happy Easter!