Blizzard Nemo!

Why name a huge snow storm after a tropical fish, a movie star no less?  Actually, why name a winter storm at all?  How about “honking big pile of snow 2013″?

Hubby is out blowing the driveway (1/10th of a mile long and all hill!!).  We will have to wait until he officially reports the snow depth, and it is hard to tell with the wind blowing so hard, but I’m guessing about 2 feet.  It is almost up to his knees and since his 6’5” tall, his knees are waaaay up off the ground.

Heavy snow load on the garage roof — and serious blowback as he started the snowblowing job.

snow load on the detached garage roof
Serious blowback

The birds are feeding at the feeder and we have seen a little of everything in the past 4 weeks.  And, we had a visit from something I hadn’t seen before, but after looking at photos up close it may have been just a big puffy bluebird!  At our sunflower feeder.

chic-a-dee-dee-dee at the sunflower feeder
female cardinal wishing she could get inside the seed cage
Carolina wren at the suet -- look at his feet hanging on!


And I believe it is mating time for the squirrels — they do start very early in the year.  Suddenly there seem to be more of them running around and making attempts to raid the bird feeders or take advantage of the seeds spilled on the ground by the sloppy eaters from above.

at the base of a bird feeder scrounging dropped seeds
Who me? You think I was trying to get into that feeder? Me?????












Spring cannot come soon enough.  As soon as my popsicle of a hubby gets back in from moving tons of snow from our driveway, I’m sure he’ll agree.

Long time no blog!

Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Blogging seems to have fallen by the wayside with my current addiction to Facebook and Twitter.  But — not enough words and no opportunity to post multiple photos.  And I find that I miss looking back at my blog which has become kind of an electronic scrapbook.

I have some great photos (still on the Olympus SLR) but will be posting them soon so that at least I can look at them.

In the mean time ……… from our September Cape Code vacation ….. our bicycles parked in front of the Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans

Rest stop at the Chocolate Sparrow