Running alters time – day 2

Today, two minutes seemed way longer than two minutes.  Or maybe, since I was running in my hilly community, my timing was just off and the uphill portions were in the wrong part of my splits.  Running uphill is a bit challenging when you are just starting out after not running for about 30 years.  Where are those endorphins that everyone keeps talking about?  I could have used a few of them today.  But day 2 is under my belt, so to speak.

Running alters time – day 1

Started training for the Turkey Trot today. Did a 55 minute workout with 9 five-minute splits in it (2 on 3 off). Not really a hard workout but by the 5th split, the three minute walk was sooooo short.

But I was running in a beautiful resort community in Westbrook CT – great views of Long Island Sound.

So it begins.