Home sweet home

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home  —   —   —


Back at the end of April, I set an arbitrary deadline to be home for Memorial Day weekend, and I made it.

I said good-bye to Des Moines, Iowa, but just for a short time —   —   —

"goodbye Des Moines, for now"
"goodbye Des Moines, for now"

Sunday, the first day I was here, was not great weather wise, but neither hubby nor I cared.  We spent the day relaxing, watching the rain, and went out for dinner at Southwest Cafe, one of our favorite hangouts.  I also picked some wildflowers from my garden —   —   —


And on Memorial Day, hubby and I went to the parade here in Ridgefield.  Lots of armed service veterans at the front of the parade followed by the town firetrucks.   Some wisdom from the back of the truck —   —   —

Never Forget
Never Forget

Lots of flags too — waving everywhere — every parade unit — half the people on the street — almost all of the kids —   —   —


And, the last thing packed into my bag before I left was a crocheted gift from my sister’s friend  —  some kitchen towel wisdom — and probably the only reason that I have been able to hold it together the past 9 1/2 weeks — faith.

kitchen towel wisdom
kitchen towel wisdom

“All things are possible for those who believe”.    Without the faith and prayers of my hubby, friends, church friends, and the church prayer team, I don’t know how I would have come through the last few weeks.  And the prayers continue . . . . . . .

On the Road Again!

That country song has been rattling around in my head quite a bit lately.  As I hopped into the car to drive from Nebraska to Des Moines, Iowa I was definitely “on the road again” for the second time on that drive in as many days and for the 6th time in 1 1/2 weeks.  I was tired but the drive was good as traffic was light for some reason.  I stopped for a snack but was determined to speed along so I didn’t even photograph the windmills this time.  The breeze was gentle so they were all just turning sort of lazily and gracefully.   With the air completely clear, the wind farm was visible from 14 miles away and was a beautiful sight for “mind pictures”.

The answer my friend . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . is blowin’ in the wind.

Walnut, IA
Walnut, IA

My fascination with the wind farm in Walnut Iowa has not abated one bit, even with all the times that I have driven by it this spring in my “Midwest adventures”.

The answer?  Perhaps it truly is blowing in the wind.  Sometimes I just don’t see the rhyme or reason for anything and my thoughts are just blown by the wind to rather random places.  So much has happened since March 18th when I flew out here to Nebraska that I could write a book.   But much of it, I don’t want to remember, let alone re-live by writing about it.  And the book would be really boring and a bit depressing.

Life goes on — one step at a time.  Hubby and I used to square dance, years ago, and there was a fun dance to a song with the words “one step forward and two steps back”.  It was really a challenging dance, but I can say for sure that living your life to those words is not nearly so much fun.   Apparently, here comes that latest new theme for blog posts — “song titles and their application to current life as we know it”.

As far as the blog theme, rippled effects, I cannot even being to analyze the ripple effects of this latest chapter in my Dad’s life.   Ripples?  Ha!  More like big, giant waves!!!!!waves

This is a photo of the lake at Dad’s house.  The wind’s were whipping all day at extreme velocity (averaging around 30 mph with gusts higher).  At this point, the sustained winds were higher and the skies were darkening.  About 5 minutes after I took this photo, the tornado sirens went off at the lake and we went to the basement.  The tornado storms flew overhead and one tornado touched down across the river (tipped over a semi and some empty railroad cars) about 10 miles from where we were.   This stormy day was one of the last that Dad was in his home.  The day was very scary, but so was the realization of how anything out of the ordinary so very confused my father.  The dawn of understanding had begun to occur on my part — as to just how non-functional my Dad was even in his own home.    The ripple effect (the wave effect) was just beginning at the time this photo was taken.

Moving Day

Well — it was finally accomplished.  After all the searching, all the angst, all the worry, all the . . . . . . .  we moved Dad to an Alzheimer’s care center in West Des Moines yesterday.  With my sister driving him and my other sister and I following (miles behind), we made the 3 hour trek from eastern Nebraska to West Des Moines Iowa with almost no trouble at all.  We walked Dad from the car to his new home (he refused to ride in a wheel chair) and directly to his room.  Walking into this unit again made me realize a few things, not the least of which was that we were VERY fortunate that there was an opening in this place.  It looks so much like a home and the staff is so attentive and caring.  The nursing assistant to patient ratio is 1 to 4.5 and there are other assistants around too, including the nurse that we talked to right away.  Dad is SO lucky — he doesn’t know it or understand it, but we do.   Despite the unfortunate situation he is in, this is the best thing for him — and he is so fortunate.  Thank God for everything.

Music in May

A quick trip back to CT and what a nice break it was.  The reason for the trip was to play in the Fountain Series Handbell Concert on Friday May 1st.  Long rehearsals for two nights prior to the concert helped brush the cobwebs out of my brain as I hadn’t been at a rehearsal for six weeks.  And what beautiful music we made.  Usually there is at least one piece that doesn’t go as well as the choir and/or director would have liked.  But all went so well, it was amazing.  The piece that I directed also went well — a slow, smooth song.  The choir’s “signature” piece which ends the concert is the Lord’s Prayer.  It was so beautiful that I almost started crying at the end.  So — all in all — a quick trip — a much needed break — a wonderful concert — and I’m back in Nebraska again.

Photo to come of shiny handbells — it’s on hubby’s camera and I forgot to load it to my laptop.