Yes, it’s golf time.  I played 3 days in a row last week and by Thursday, my feet hurt.  But my game is coming around even though my handicap is going up.   I was part of a foursome that played at the ABC of Ridgefield (A Better Chance of Ridgefield) tournament on Wednesday.  My group placed first in the women’s division and won some money!  And I placed first in the closest to the pin contest on hole # 17 at RGC.  My tee shot was 26 feet away — not really too close, but apparently close enough!

Thursday was such a nice day weather-wise and the Ridgefield Gofl Course was beautiful.  I felt like I was on vacation the entire time we were out there.

Good thing I played a lot last week.  Looks like we have at least 5 days of rain here in a row.  So, not much golfing will occur.

Good news is that perhaps I’ll get some spring cleaning done!

Time for some fish and frog photos from the pond.  I call this one FISH FRENZY.  It’s fishie mating time again and they are all chasing one of the females around the pond apparently right up to the edge.  Some times I’m afraid they’re going to push Lady right out of the water and I’ll come home and find her on one of the rocks!

Fish Frenzy - May 2011