Hummy is back.  Actually several hummingbirds are back.  But the one (or ones) that know where I hang the plants and the hummingbird feeder are definitely here.

We had a hummingbird sighting a few weeks ago — saw one flitting around in the yard.  Then, the other day as I was sitting near the sliding door, the hummingbird flew up to the plant hangar right by the door.  He hovered near the empty hangar for a long time, and if I was reading his body language correctly, he was asking where the heck the plant was.  Spring gardening being way behind schedule here, I hadn’t planted the hanging pots.  So, off to the nursery I went on Saturday and  had Hummy’s favorite, “sophie cascade” ivy geraniums, planted before night fall.

Then Monday, I purchased some instant nectar, mixed it up, and filled the feeder.  I was busy yesterday so didn’t look, but today two hummingbirds have been happily feeding at the feeder.  They are so pretty and I am so thrilled to have them back.

Here are the photos:

Hummy arrives at the feeder located below his favorite plant
Wings moving so fast -- even sports mode on my camera cannot capture them
Hummy dives into his favorite food (actually, her favorite in this case)

Spring Flowers, Fish, and Kitchen

So — work progresses here on the final stages of the big kitchen remodel of 2010/2011.  The tile back splash was put up today and will be grouted tomorrow.  The painter was back doing the outside work on the new bay windows and the new detached garage front that hubby installed a week ago.  And some spring flowers are blooming — irises in the pond, wild daisies next to it.  It was a beautiful, absolutely beautiful day here today.  One could not help rejoicing in the beauty of a perfect spring day.

The day in photos:

tile back splash
the view from my kitchen window -- painter's legs
wild daisy

Father and Son

Phinneas — who has been here from day 1 of the pond and his first generation son were on a rock on the back side of the pond the other day.  Phinneas is as chatty as always — when I come out to feed the fish in late afternoon and start talking to them, Phinneas starts chatting back at me.

Yes, I admit it, I talk to frogs.   And they talk back.   And it’s one of the happiest times of my day!

Phinneas and son

Phinneas is Back!!!

The first frog to appear at our pond in 2005 is back.  Yes, Phinneas survived the winter, dug in somewhere in or near the pond.  Hard to believe that anything could survive buried under all that snow.  But he’s back.  Took photos tonight.  Will post them tomorrow.