Happy Easter

Suddenly it’s spring!  At last!!!!!

Hubby fired up the pump on our pond yesterday and is running it again today.  The fish are loving their swimming time below the falling water.  This seems to have awakened our entire back yard and the warm (yes it’s ABOVE 70 degrees today) has caused spring to finally arrive.

  • The PJM azalea is ready to boom
  • The weeping cherry absolutely popped open this morning and is in full bloom
  • Our first frog appeared on a rock near the waterfall
  • The male wren is singing and carrying nest-building materials into the birdhouse
  • The new kitchen windows are open

All signs of spring — let the celebration begin!

Happy Easter !

Movin’ In

The kitchen is done!  (Well, we won’t talk about a couple of things yet to finish).  But we can definitely clean up the construction dust and start putting the stuff in the cabinets and drawers.  I worked from 2pm til 8pm and am less than half done with the cleaning.  There is dust and dirt in every corner of every cabinet and drawer.  Hubby was restoring the electronics to the media cabinet in the corner of the room.  I can watch TV, movies, or listen to music while I continue the cleaning tomorrow.  In fact, there are so many cables behind that cabinet that I’m pretty sure I can do all three at the same time while I’m cleaning tomorrow.

But, we started the moving in . . . . .

It’s an orange peeler that our friends gave us for Christmas.


Just returned home from a 3-day quilting retreat.  That is, if you call it a retreat when on day one you have to return to town to speak at a meeting and on day 2 you have to return to town to meet with hubby and your tax account and on day 3 you have to – well  – you have to return home.  I put 104 miles on my car while I was supposed to be “retreating”.  But I did get a lot of work done on a new quilt of my own design (photos of the work in progress to be added later) and did get a lot of catching up with friends from my guild that I don’t get to talk to much at our busy monthly meetings.

Now I need a retreat or a long weekend to catch up from my retreat.