Fabric, in thousands of colors.
Quilts, made of thousands of pieces.
Inspiration, found in thousands of ideas.

What does home mean?

It’s been a long week here — actually a long month — well, really a long year so far.

2016 has been full of stresses and April chock-full of busyness. My quilt guild had a very successful show over the weekend. My part in the show prep started way back in July of 2015 and finally ended at about 6pm on Sunday.

The week was full of appointments and various duties and responsibilities, culminating today in a wonderful, restful time at our Spirit Stitchers group at my church. I spent the day talking, eating, knitting, talking, looking at others’ projects, knitting, talking ……I ended the day taking a dog for a walk, and I don’t have a dog, but a good friend does and we walked the town. So, I generally had a wonderful day.

But it felt so good to come home, take off the blue jeans and crawl into favorite knit yoga pants and a decades-old, favorite Mickey Mouse t-shirt. Note that you do not have to actually do yoga to be very fond of yoga pants. My husband is out of town so I had the quiet house to myself to do whatever I liked, which was mostly nothing.

Usually home means coming HOME to our wonderful property and house and my wonderful Hubby. But tonight it meant knit pants, feet up on the futon, quilting magazines, glasses of iced tea, and not much else. Home . . . . . welcome . . . .


Mindfulness. It’s certainly a word being handed around a lot lately. So what does it mean?

I’m beginning a 8 week practice to see if I can find out. My doctor recommended a training session, which I went to last night. We actually did a 20 minute meditation session as part of the beginning training. And now, in usual fashion, I’ve bought a book so that I can read all about it. And downloaded an app to my iPhone.

I do need a way to be more present in my life, more aware of what is actually going on around me, and less distracted and occupied with the many worries that surround me at the time.

My image from last night – is the beautiful blue sky with a cardinal flying across it. More about that later.